Western Metal & Primera Technology

Torsion Springs

We produce custom made torsion springs. The CNC spring former has touch probe to control the angle of torsion springs.

We can offer you torsion springs with good quality and low price.


NO Wire size Material Major dimension(mm) Finish
1 1.6mm Spring steel 8.3 OD Zinc(clear)
2 1.5mm SUS304 49.0 length Plain
3 1.9mm Music wire 51.0 length Plain
4 2.9mm Spring steel 15.0 OD Zinc(yellow)
5 2.9mm Spring steel 33.6 OD Zinc(yellow)
6 2.4mm Spring steel 14.7 OD Zinc(yellow)
7 2.0mm Music wire 61.0 length Zinc(yellow)
8 4.5mm Spring steel 23.7 OD Zinc(yellow)
9 3.5mm Spring steel 88.0 length Zinc(yellow)
10 4.0mm Spring steel 87.4 length Zinc(yellow)
11 3.4mm Music wire 30.6 OD Shot peening
12 2.4mm Spring steel 17.3 OD Black oxide