Western Metal & Primera Technology

Small Compression Springs

We have several advanced CNC versatile spring formers, to produce precise springs. The machines can produce various kinds of springs, like compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, battery springs.. etc, as the pictures below.
The material can be spring steel, music wire, stainless steel, brass..., round wire or custom made shape wire, with different finish to meet your application(plating, painting, E-coating..). Please send us drawing or sample, we will offer best service and price to meet your requirement.

Please click the pictures to see large view for the spring samples.


NO Wire size Material Major dimension(mm) Finish
1 0.11mm SUS304 OD 4.68 /Free length 12.8 Plain
2 0.25mm SUS304 OD 2.5 /Free length 12.5 Plain
3 0.25mm SUS304 OD 2.4 /Free length 19.8 Plain
4 0.16mm SUS304 OD 3.3 /Free length 21.2 Plain
5 0.8mm Spring steel OD 7.0 /Free length 17.7 Zinc(clear)
6 0.8mm SUS304 OD 6.0 /Free length 14.6 Plain
7 0.33mm SUS304 OD 6.9 /Free length 13.3 Plain