Western Metal & Primera Technology

Compression Springs

Our spring coiler can produce small compression spring from wire size 0.1-0.8mm. Straight, taper, barrel or battery springs can be made on our spring machine. High speed, precise and low cost. The coiler equips with auto spring length detector, can make sure the spring length with tolerance.


NO Wire size Material Major dimension(mm) Finish
1 0.11mm SUS304 OD 4.68 /Free length 12.8 Plain
2 0.25mm SUS304 OD 2.5 /Free length 12.5 Plain
3 0.25mm SUS304 OD 2.4 /Free length 19.8 Plain
4 0.16mm SUS304 OD 3.3 /Free length 21.2 Plain
5 0.8mm Spring steel OD 7.0 /Free length 17.7 Zinc(clear)
6 0.8mm SUS304 OD 6.0 /Free length 14.6 Plain
7 0.33mm SUS304 OD 6.9 /Free length 13.3 Plain